Airport Vending Machines

Airports are generally associated with fond memories, excitement of flights and long waiting hours. Passengers may have to wait for hours at airports due to potential delays, connecting flights, cancellations and much more, of which can occur at all hours of the day and night. One would often find a café or restaurant at an airport but when passengers are in transit through the night, it is likely that such facilities will be closed for business. Furthermore, many smaller airports have a lack of retail and hospitality facilities, in which the frequent traveler might similarly find themselves waiting long hours on a potentially empty stomach, dry mouth or flat mobile phone to name a few examples. The simple solution of a vending machine enables travelers the capability to access snacks and drinks at whatever time of the day or night, or the freedom to satisfy their thirst or hunger in whatever remote location they may find themselves in. What’s more, here at Vendmate, our vending machines have the ability to dispense not only snack and drink options, but also a magnitude of products that may be beneficial to a traveler such as mobile phone accessories, eye masks, ear plugs, books, magazines, souvenirs, jackets/raincoats, umbrellas, clothes and much more.

Why you should invest in an airport vending machine?

  • Minimum real estate expense
  • Convenient dual currency and card payment options
  • Easy, fast and convenient 24/7 access for customers
  • No human resources required
  • Restocking and inventory management simple and easily undergone
  • Strong advertising and branding techniques applicable
  • Greater market exposure to products than in a store
  • Larger product options for business, vacation or backpacking purposes
  • Vast customization options
  • Attractive advanced technology and user interface with interactive, touch-screen machines

Make the travel experience less frantic for flyers with easy vending options available at the airport. Vend anything from cosmetics to a phone charger. VendMate specializes in creating such innovative vending solutions for airports, across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Call us today at 1300 411 902 to find out how vending machines could benefit an airport environment