Compact Series Vending Machine




  • Food safety features ensure continual freshness of all products.
  • Food and product is kept dry with the double heated glass that prevents condensation.

Easy to Maintain

  • Restocking is easy with removable and adjustable drawers that tilt at a 45˚ angle and can fit into any tight space.
  • The refrigeration system is a separate unit for easy installation and removed for maintenance and servicing.
  • Save time by monitoring your machine remotely with the GPRS monitoring system.

Maximise profits

  • Increase sales with custom graphics and branding to match your company image.
  • Vending machine capacity can be extended for growth in sales.
  • Maintain customer service and maximise sales with the vend detection system and drop sensor.
  • DEX port is available to monitor sales and profits using its reporting capability.
  • Vend machine is MDB capable so any payment system can be installed to match your user preferences –coin, note, IC card, ID Card, or credit card are all optional.


  • Strong sturdy steel cabinet with secure door ensure longevity and maintenance free vending.
  • Customers can clearly see each product with the long life LED lighting.


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