VendMate provides vending machines with no cost to you or your company. We service the delivery, installation, refilling, and stock rotation of your vending machine with 24/7 maintenance advice so you can enjoy the convenient and financial benefits with no start up costs

Increase your businesses profit and efficiency. When your employee leaves their desk to grab a coffee, snack or lunch, it costs your business in terms of time and money. Time they could be using processing orders, in production or customer service, invoicing, and the list goes on.

Not sure what kind of a vending machine would suit your business workplace? VendMate has over ten years’ of successful vending machine management and a full range of free vending machines.

When VendMate mean free, they mean free vending machines! No cost to you or your company. Vendmate will arrange for delivery, installation, refilling, stock rotation and maintenance of your vending machine – all you have to do is enjoy the products available in your vending machine.

Your free vending machine can be stocked with hot and cold drinks, snacks, healthy snacks or a combination of the both for when space is tight. We also have personal protection equipment vending machines for safety in the warehouse, the factory floor or in reception for your visitors and customers. This is where our expertise comes in – to recommend the right product for your business.

VendMate have sourced high quality and reliable vending machines. After ten years in the industry, we have chosen technology that works and is reliable throughout the day and night. Our machines are easy to refill and clean, requiring little maintenance.

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