Glass Front Versatile Cascade Merchandiser 3000A



Health and Safety

  • Meet health standards and stop food spoilage – vending machine temperature can be adjusted to suit all requirements for correct food and drink storage – from a minimum +3˚C to +32˚C.
  • Variations between food and drink temperature storage and the layering effects are regulated by the interchangeable system.
  • To prevent food spoilage through moisture retention, through the use of Argon Gas interspaces in the front glass.
  • Each machine conforms to the high standard CE marking for health, safety and environment.
  • RoHS compliant – no dangerous materials have been used in manufacturing.


  • The reliable 24v DC motor reduces maintenance.
  • A push button mains safety circuit breaker is integrated in each machine, ensures safety for users and maintenance.
  • The six shelves are made of pre-coated galvanised steel for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Strong self-sustaining internal structure reduces breakdowns.
  • The steel coin introduction and change giver are waterproof with long-lasting protection against the elements.
  • Stainless steel master-slave keypad is manufactured for endurance.
  • Each machine is compatible with all leading MDB electronic change giving coin mechanisms, cashless and telemetry systems.
  • The antiskid feet are adjustable for correct installation and reduce movement of the vending machine.
  • Standard colours with black RAL 9005 finish to match your company branding or interior design.
  • The height of the coin insertion slot is suitable for children and the disabled.

Easy to Maintain

  • Quick maintenance through the auto self-diagnostic control system.
  • Easily removable refrigeration unit (R 134A) ensures easy access and maintenance.

Customised Vending

  • Shelves are adjustable in height to suit any size products (every 16mm)
  • Each shelf can be customised from 5 to 10 spirals, to fit your product preferences
  • Payment systems can be bill validators or cashless payment systems using the removable metal plate
  • Up to 36 selections can be installed in machine.

Theft and Vandal Proof

  • Anti-theft device installed in the delivery door for extra security.
  • Front glass is made of safety glass to prevent vandalism.

Maximise your Vending Machine Profits

  • To ensure every vend is successful, each machine has a product sensory delivery system.
  • Liquid crystal display enables the customer to clearly see the price of each product.
  • Up to 36 selections can be installed in machine.
  • The electronic multiple pricing allows for a variety of products of different prices. Pricing is easily changed through the keypad, on a regular basis to maintain profits.
  • The sales audit capability assesses each product based on its profitability with reporting on total sales and/or value by product line.


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Standard Capacities

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