Vending Machines for Healthcare

Vending machines in the healthcare sector revolve around dispensing basic, lifesaving products to people in healthcare facilities and remote areas. Such vending machines  purposes generally stock basic healthcare products such as over-the-counter medication like Panadol and Nurofen, pregnancy tests, first aid kits, oral rehydration tablets or sachets, condoms and much more. These specialized vending machines may also stock   nutritious food options, therefore promoting good health and well-being – depending on the vendor’s discretion.


Here at Vendmate, we strive to achieve excellence in our vending services across all workplaces including healthcare environments.

  • We ensure 24/7 healthcare vending services and advice for your healthcare facility. Our clients can choose from being provided equipment and machines only, or have our complete vending service benefit your company through trained professionals and our highly sought-after support network.
  • In addition to a wider range of healthy options, we endeavor to meet the latest Healthcare Guidelines issued by the government.


VendMate offers the most reliable vending solutions for all of our clients from the healthcare sector. We ensure clients consider their own unique healthcare vending requirements based on the following factors:

  • The type of healthcare solution to be provided
  • The average number of staff, patients and visitors
  • Operational time – 24/7 or fixed hours
  • Range of products required
  • Location of the machine and space available
  • Healthy options and substitutes
  • Payment Options – Free vending, payment or cashless
  • Promoting environment-friendly practices


  • A wider and healthier range of products for all users
  • Customized, varietized and balanced selection of products
  • Stock assistance and room for technological advancement
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Various, multiple payment options
  • Prioritizing health through latest government health policies
  • Increased staff productivity and convenience for all
  • Increased customer satisfaction

VendMate specializes in creating innovative healthcare vending options across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Call us at 1300 411 902 today for more information on how your workplace could benefit from a customized vending machine catered for a healthcare environment.