Hospitality Vending Machines

Everybody from travelers to late night party goers, to busy employees, mums and dads are seemingly always in need of coffee, breakfast, remedial hangover products or some kind of quick and easy snack. It is hardly cost-effective and practically impossible for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What should innovators from the hospitality industry do in such a case? Do they simply let the easy, potential business opportunity slide? The answer is obvious – install a vending machine that can work for you for minimal effort and maximal financial rewards. VendMate specializes in creating such innovation in vending machines across all industries including the hospitality industry across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

Technology has drastically changed the face and shape of the vending machine industry. Hospitality machines are now capable of dispensing high end barista style coffee, fresh and healthy snacks, a range of delicious snacks and drinks, gourmet tea with crisp pastries, delicious hot meals and much more.

Here at Vendmate, we routinely provide high quality vending solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry across establishments such as: restaurants, service stations, hotels, hostels, conference centers, bars and cafes.

If you are looking for a vending machine to fulfill the demands of your guests and diners at all hours, call us today at 1300 411 902 to find out exactly how a vending machine could benefit your business.

Medical Vending Machines for Hospitals and Medical Centres

Innovation is  the key to solve routine problems that often arise in medical centers, hospitals, fire stations, ambulance stations, satellite medical centers and paramedic centers. Emergency and medical facilities tend to benefit from the vending machines as they allow for further convenience for their busy and often distressed staff and patients. Medical vending machines allow quick, 24/7 access to a wide range of potential medical products  as well as snacks and drinks (healthier if desired), to all. Our machines provide a wealth of potential in stock variety including over-the-counter medicines, medical equipment, heathy and regular snack and drink options and much more.

Vendmate provide beneficial assistance in medical work environments by supplying:

  • Convenient access to a potential wide range of medical products
  • Reduction in theft and a closer management/supervision of often expensive stock
  • Appropriate level of security and documentation
  • Allowing medical professionals access to the machines for stocking and restocking purposes
  • More time and cost effective than sending employees out to source equipment
  • Elimination of storerooms and the potential chaos it may bring
  • Great inventory control
  • Improved ease and speed to access medical supplies
  • Cost savings and decreased manual error
  • Accountability of your employees
  • Customized vending options

Medical vending machines work the same way as regular vending machines. Following the same operarional technique; the machine can dispense potential medical products and maintain a track of the user and supplies. Vendors have the ability to customize the machine to allow medical professionals or the non-clinical workers to insert/swipe  an allocated card in the card reader of the vending machine or to enter their employee number to access products. The product/s are subsequently dispensed and details of the user are recorded for reference.

VendMate specializes in creating such innovative medical vending services and solutions across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Call us today at 1300 411 902 to find out how a vending machine could benefit your medical workplace.