PPE Vending Machine

PPE Vending MAchine



  • The reliable 24v DC motors ensures safety of users and reduces breakdowns.
  • Front glass is made of safety glass to minimise breakage particularly in factories and warehouse.
  • An auto self-diagnostic control system helps with quick and easy maintenance.

Anti-theft and vandalism

  • Anti-theft device installed on the delivery door.

Stock and Cost Control

  • Easily monitors the number of product per staff member to reduce costs of protective items and ensure the use of the safety products in the work environment. Monitoring of protective equipment reduces abuse.
  • Adjustable shelves so each PPE machine can be filled with a variety of safety and health products suitable for any company requirements such as dust, eye and ear protection and first aid.
  • By providing the right protective equipment , the company minimises its legal and financial consequences from negligence.

Software Capabilities

  • Stock control is easily monitored through employee card readers including Motorola, Dallas Tag, Mifare and HID, plus many more.
  • Compatible with your company’s external SQL database system allows for easy integration with your existing employee records
  • Access Control System allows for the regulating of product by each employee. To stop personal protective equipment abuse boundaries can include –
    • Allow the vend and flag to management as abuse
    • Deny the vend if allowance has been reached
    • Vend periods can be set up and flag vends prior to specified period of overuse.
    • Control by product and employee level – who can access which products.
  • Full reporting system to management to ensure safety and health products are used, micro level by employee, by department and by product.

Machine Dimensions and Normal Layout of Machine

  • As per the original sheet