Retail Vending Machines for all Retailers and Business Opportunists

Retail vending, along with many other industries, has seen a great technological revolution with the introduction of new technologies that allow and cater for a superior, immensely capable and hugely customizable vending experience. From vending the humble postcard or chewing gum once upon a time, vending machines are now able to dispense mobile phone accessories, work tools, personal hygiene items, fresh salads and healthy snack/drink options, cosmetics to live bait and much more. Not only are such machines capable of vending a huge array of items, but the introduction of the new state-of-the-art interactive, touch-screen vending machines allows for online digitization; creating a more user-friendly, capable, personalized vending experience with a wealth of customization potential. The technological revolution has in turn, sparked a spike in corporate interest in business opportunities and retail vending possibilities. Here at Vendmate, our committed team specializes in innovative retail vending solutions across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.


Vendmate are a leading supplier of customizable  vending machines with the potential to dispense almost any products of your choosing. Our  machines present an array of retail potential, whether it is simply for drink and snack vending purposes, or for a more unique and definitive product selection. Our machines incorporate the following:

  1. Branding and promotions: Availability of customized skins will allow vendors the ability to display and advertise their brand at both off-site and on-site locations.At high traffic areas, retailers can generate revenue at any time of the day and in turn, willattract more customers.
  1. Customized Options: Vendors can choose from a slim-natured single dispenser to a double sized vending machine with the ability to dispense multiple products, or a fully interactive, touch-screen vending machine available in small and large sizes.
  1. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions: Vendors can track their stock inventory remotely from any device subsequently reducing what would have been time spent visiting each machine to monitor individual stock levels. Such technology also allows vendors to compare and contrast individual machine revenue with corresponding stock levels.
  1. Best Customer Support: We have a professional support team who are always ready to assist ourclients with the entire vending process including installation, maintenance, restocking, vending expansion and retail vending service advice and consultation.
  1. Total Security Guaranteed: Our machines incorporate sturdy materials including high security glass to prevent any given form of potential vandalism or theft. Retailers have the ability to vend costly products such as electronics and jewelry to inexpensive products like clothing and desserts thanks to the high-quality, trustworthy security offered by Vendmate vending machines.

VendMate offers complete retail vending solutions for all clients – wholesale, franchise or site customers. If your business is looking for a cost-effective, innovative, convenient and intelligent vending solution, call us today, at 1300 411 902.