Our free vending machines come with 24/7 refills, repairs and routine cleaning by a certified team of experts. We provide free location advice, free hire-delivery and installation, customized product selection, 24/7 customer support, frequent restocking, quick response to downtime, energy-effective options and a lucrative financial opportunity. Vending machines are a great source of passive income and we strive to achieve the very best vending machine experience for you.

A vending machine for your business makes good business sense – it is a no fuss way to:

  • keep employees working longer
  • increase employees productivity
  • keep employees happy
  • keep the workplace clean and tidy, reducing cleaning expenses and pest control.

From the very start, VendMate, takes care of all your vending machine services – from 24/7 refills, repairs, and cleaning all performed by our certified service team – it costs you nothing!

Free vending machines come with –

Free Location advice

– with over ten years’ experience, we know the best place to locate your vending machine for maximum use, access and to reduce theft and vandalism.

Free vending machine hire, delivery and install –

just one phone call and we will do the rest!

Customised product –

VendMate can supply any product to suit your business for total employee, customer and visitor satisfaction. Everyone is happy and no wastage with unused product.

24 hour / 7 day servicing and maintenance –

our modern vending machines reduce your risk and our no worry policy means that any problems whether technical or mechanical will be handled promptly by VendMate – you don’t have to get any tools out.

Regular restocking –

VendMate takes care of machine refills and stock rotation, with access to a large variety of suppliers. All you need to do is enjoy the drinks and snacks.

Rapid response –

with a full team of technicians behind us, we get to your business premises quickly to minimise any vending machine downtime.
Full service at no cost – no contracts, no hidden costs, or hidden surprises, EVER!

Energy reduction –

every vending machine has an energy reduction system, to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions. VendMate follows your company’s’ strict environmental savings processes.

Open up your opportunities to make money. A vending machine can bring in passive income, for little work effort – you can be as involved as you want or VendMate can do the restocks and maintenance.

VendMate have vending machines for sale in a variety of models and sizes to fit any location.

Email us now on info@vendmate.com.au to see how a vending machine can help your business save money and become more productive.