How many vending machines in Melbourne?

You will be surprised at the number of free vending machines in Melbourne. VendMate have been servicing Melbourne businesses for over ten years. We also know that there are a lot more businesses who could benefit from a vending machine for their employees, customer and visitors.

Melbourne is all about lifestyle and as a state going through significant economic growth – cash in on this growth and provide your employees with product that will make them more productive and happier!

It doesn’t matter what size business you have, a vending machine can be a great idea!

Your employees

Save time and money by ensuring your staff don’t leave your work premises too often to grab a snack or a drink.  With a full tummy they will return to work faster and happier.

Your customers

Do your customers have to wait around in your reception or workshop? Offer them a snack or a drink from the vending machine. This adds some special customer service and reduces their stress while waiting for service. It also helps keep your premises clean and tidy for your customers.

Your visitors

Do you have a lot of visitors to your business? Contractors or business partners all need a pick up throughout the day – they are unfamiliar with the local area and where to pick up a snack or drink.

With some extra branding added to your vending machine in Melbourne, you can leave a lasting impression and give everyone the feel-good factor!

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