Vending Machines

VendMate has a wide range of vending machine options to service your workplace and business proposals. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, VendMate is the solution to all your vending requirements. Our vending machines (including the new interactive, touch-screen machines) are fully customizable, with the ability to dispense drinks, personal protective equipment, snacks, mobile phone accessories, personal hygine products or a combination of mentioned items and much more. Increase your business profit and efficiency with vending machines options from VendMate. Consult a member of our friendly team today to decipher which vending machine suits you and your business best.

Increase your businesses profit and efficiency. When your employee leaves their desk to grab a coffee, snack or lunch, it costs your business in terms of time and money. Time they could be using processing orders, in production or customer service, invoicing, and the list goes on.

Not sure what kind of a vending machine would suit your business workplace? VendMate has over ten years’ of successful vending machine management and a full range of free vending machines.

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