Combination Vending Machines

VendMate has a wide range of combination vending machine options to cater for regular and healthy snack and drink options of your choice. We combine the latest range of snacks and drinks in the one machine to allow our clients the comfort and ease to satisfy their hunger and thirst at one customizable station. Vending machines are a great source of passive income and we continuously strive to ensure the best combination vending machine experience for you.

Combination vending machines for sale and ready for dispatch!

A combination vending machine is packed with options – it can combine snacks and drinks in the one machine.

Is the combination vending machine for you?

Tight space – the combination vending machine basically combines two vending machines in one, so if space is an issue, you can still serve your customers what they want; a drink or a snack!

More sales – Want to offer more choice in the one machine. Some people are hungry, some are thirsty, your combination vending machine, can serve whatever they want!

Bigger sales! Get more than one sale from the one vend – when most people buy a snack, they like a drink to go with it, now the combination vending machine can supply exactly what they want in the one vend.

Packed with a load of features, designed to make your business easy –

1. Refrigeration and food safety features to ensure continual freshness of all products.
2. Remotely monitored using a GPRS monitoring system
3. Customer graphics and branding to match your company image
4. Any payment preferences – coin, note, IC card, ID card or credit card.

Why choose VendMate?

All our vending machines are the most reliable and easy to refill – after ten years in the industry we know the machines that work properly.

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