Digital Touch Screen Vending Machines

The latest in modern vending machine technology

VendMate provides the latest modern and advanced technology in vending machines. Our brand new interactive, digital touch-screen machines allow for full-customization by the vendor including full-customization of digital design and product choices, fully interactive advertising solutions (photo and video compatible), multiple-item dispensing, social media integration, the potential of survey-like feedback, a visually satisfying and easy-to-use user interface, QR scan reader, real time live information, dual temperature zones and much more. Give us a call today to find out how our interactive, touch-screen vending machines can benefit your business.

Be the new kid on the block, get a touch screen vending machine filled with your businesses products for that extra edge over your competitors.

This vending machine gives you many options:

Fully interactive digital media advertising solutions
Supplement your advertising campaign or add another dimension to it. The machine can deliver real-time information or broadcast content including news, sport, weather, product launches, movie previews, entertainment and promotions.

QR scan reader
Use printable coupons, vouchers, special offers and movie passes to offer something difference to your customers.

Real time live information
This technology collects real time usage and consumption data from your target audience – capture the moment and improve your marketing and sales!

It also has all the features of a reliable and proven vending machine, such as dual temperature zones for cold drinks and snacks, energy efficient insulated unit and any payment method; cash, credit card, smart phones and cashless. Fill your machine with anything – toys, mobile phone accessories, sunglasses, souvenirs, cosmetics, plus more!

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