Drink Vending Machines

Are drink vending machines in your business a good idea?

VendMate reduces the unproductive time your employees spend on coffee breaks or cleaning up by introducing a convenient and cost-effective drink alternative with minimal effort to you. Purchase or hire a free vending machine for your workplace and stock it with cold drinks, energy drinks, health drinks and/or hot beverages of your full discretion.

A drink vending machine can be stocked with cold drinks from juices to soft drinks and energy drinks, to hot drinks such as coffee, tea, soup and hot chocolate. A coffee in the morning to get them going or a cold drink when work heats up – the choice is yours!

Whether you are wanting a drink vending machine in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane; Vendmate can deliver to all types of businesses.

Saves mess!
Sick of the kitchen mess, nobody wants to clean up. A vending machine is an easy way to control mess especially from hot drinks. Our vending machines are easy at serving coffee, tea, soup and hot chocolate that doesn’t leave anything behind – just delicious hot pick-me-ups, every time!

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