Snack Vending Machines

Hunger pangs got the better of you? Head to our snack vending machines

VendMate provides a great range of snack vending machines to cater for regular and healthy snack options of your choice. Our snack vending machines can dispense anything from fresh fruits to healthy salads, chips to chocolate bars, pastries to crunchy nuts. Let your customers and employees choose from a range of fulfilling, mouth-watering, healthy and refreshing snacks.

Happy and healthy employees with a healthy vending machine

A healthy vending machine is filled with fresh food and snacks for increased wellbeing and fitness. In your business a healthy vending machine shows you value your employees and care about their wellbeing. Most people want to eat better and by providing healthy snacks, you are helping them make better choices of what they put in their mouth.

Your healthy vending machine can be stocked with fresh fruit, containers of crunchy nuts and dried fruits, muesli slices, vegie dips, popcorn, protein bars and powders – All our healthy products are low in sugar, fat and salt and calories. All designed to give your employees a clear message about their health.

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